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Things To Do in Bulgaria

One of the oldest states on the European continent, Bulgaria is a destination intersected by a number of historically important routes that act as a crossroad between Europe and Asia.


Set in southeastern Europe, Bulgaria is rich in both history and culture, with strong Thracian, Illyrian and Greek influences.


With many traditions, festivals, customs and rituals preserved by Bulgarians through the ages, a trip to modern-day Bulgaria will include displays of the country’s dynamic lifestyle and culture in the form of food, dance and even rose picking - one of the oldest traditional customs of Bulgarians that has now become primarily a tourist attraction.


Book one of our local tours and experience Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, in all her glory - with day and night tours on offer.


Hear about ancient folklore and wine and dine your way through an inclusive 3-course meal on this Sofia by Night tour, which includes stops at the city’s main tourist attractions (without the crowds) and complimentary transfers to and from your hotel. Or, there’s the Sofia City Tour that departs multiple times during the day and includes the best of what the city has to offer. From Roman remains, Turkish mosques, handsome neo-byzantine architectural masterpieces, Soviet monuments, catholic and orthodox churches, bars, coffee shops, grand public buildings, and tranquil green parks.


Alternatively, you can venture out to Melnik on this day tour from Sofia and explore the town that's famous for its lovely white houses and cobbled streets, mild climate and wine.


Enjoy a selection of local cuisine specialties and pay a visit to Kordopoulo’s house – the largest building in Melnik, with its iconic  Venetian stained glass windows, spacious rooms and salons, ornamented murals, large wine-cellar and iron door from where the caravans with the precious Melnik wine left for Athens, Vienna and Rome.


Have more time to explore Bulgaria? Why not opt for one of our hiking adventures.


In fact, one of our top tours among our travelers in Bulgaria is this 8 Day Hiking Trek Of The Rhodopes, Pirin, Rila And Vitosha Mountains.


Visit some of the country’s hidden gems as visit some of Bulgaria’s remotest and least-known parts, many of them out of bounds for foreigners until recently! 


Experience famous sites of cultural importance including  Koprivshtitsa (a museum-town, housing well-preserved architecture from the Revival Period), Plovdiv (the second biggest town in Bulgaria), Bachkovo Monastery, Rila Monastery (the most famous UNESCO attraction in the country), Shiroka Laka (architectural reserve) and more, all alongside your English-speaking tour guide!


Or, for those looking for the ultimate insight into Bulgaria, there’s this 12 Day All Inclusive Trek through the mountains surrounding the country, including transfers to and from Sofia Airport, accommodation and catering.


The program includes hiking treks of low or medium difficulty (up to 10km to 12 km in length, or 2 to 3 hours)as well as walking tours at cultural heritage sites along the route.


Ready to experience the beauty of Bulgaria?


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FAQ - Guided Tours In Bulgaria And Trips


What is Bulgaria famous for?

It may come as a surprise, but Bulgaria is famous for being one of the oldest countries in Europe! Further to this, Bulgaria’s natural diversity consisting of mountains, plains, the Black Sea Coast, rivers, lakes and hot springs make it a go-to for those looking to make the most of nature. Check out this 8 Day Trek Along Bulgaria’s Highest Peaks for a preview of what you could experience!


Is Bulgaria good for tourists?

Although COVID-19 remains a risk in Bulgaria, the country has lifted all COVID-19 related restrictions - still current at July 7 2022. Aside from this, Bulgaria is a relatively safe destination for tourists although pickpocketing and bag snatching do tend to occur in crowded areas and on public transport. While here, be sure to remain vigilant and take care of your belongings. Also, due to Bulgaria’s geographical location, earth tremors are common although large earthquakes are rare and should not be of concern to tourists.


Which is the most beautiful city in Bulgaria?

Rather than one particular city, look to the coastal areas surrounding The Black Sea. Divided in two groups according to their location, the northern beaches around the city of Varna (Bulgaria's biggest city on the Black Sea) attract local and international tourists by the thousands, while the southern resorts towns near the city of Bourgas are also a hot spot for those looking to experience Bulgaria’s beachside beauty.

What tours in Bulgaria are good for avoiding crowds?

A lot of tourists looking for a more active-experience opt for one of Bulgaria’s mountain treks, as these have you traversing (quite literally) off the beaten track and away from the crowds of more popular destinations. However, it’s this Sofia By Night Tour With Folklore Dinner & Show that has those looking to avoid crowds, hooked. Not only do you get to enjoy three courses of delicious Bulgarian dishes in combination with spectacular folklore performance, but as this tour operates at night time, travelers get to see the main tourist attractions without the crowds and in a new, enchanting light!

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