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Fraser Island - Things to do

Fraser Island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world. Despite being so sandy, the island has rainforests and fungi, along with many animal species that thrive on this sparsely populated island.


Fraser Island is located in Queensland, 350 kilometres north of the state capital Brisbane. Most backpackers go here for fishing, camping in the outdoors, and wildlife watching. 


Fraser Island has a subtropical climate with no drastic changes in temperatures and precipitation throughout the year. However, the colder months - May to August - are a bit drier than most of the other months.


Fraser Island has some iconic animals on land, such as dingoes, snakes and possums, but the waters around the island are filled with life as well. One of the best ways to experience the unique marine animals this area hosts is a Fraser Island whale-watching encounter. Book this tour to have the opportunity to see humpback whales, an enormous species that are commonly seen around Fraser Island.


To get a proper impression of Fraser Island, you can join a 3-day Tagalong 4WD tour. You’ll be toured around the isle in a cool 4WD vehicle, and pass by highlights such as the Maheno Shipwreck, The Pinnacles, and the Champagne Pools.


If you’re a true adventurer, consider booking the Wilderness Camping Adventure which shows you Fraser Island in 3 days. You’ll get to see the most scenic places of the island, and at night you even get to play games and tell stories under the starry skies: there’s hardly a better way to discover Fraser Island!


When your travel schedule doesn’t allow you to stay on Fraser Island long, there are alternatives like a 2-day adventure trip or even a full day tour with 4WD. This may seem short, but these tours are action-packed, and you’ll still experience many places!


In case you’re just passing by Fraser Island and wish to make a short trip, you can also tackle the island through a Fraser Island tour from Gold Coast or from the Sunshine Coast. No matter where you depart from, Fraser Island is a must-see in Australia’s east.