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Oahu Shark Cage Diving at Haleiwa

Oahu, United States of America

Take the plunge the face your fears with this adrenaline-packed and educational shark cage diving experience in Haleiwa on Oahu's North Shore.

DurationDuration2 hrs
Start & End TimeStart & End TimeVaries
Pick-Up & Drop-OffPick-Up & Drop-OffNot included
Minimum AgeMinimum Age5 years
Fitness LevelFitness LevelLow
Start & End LocationStart & End LocationHaleiwa

Oahu Shark Cage Diving at Haleiwa Highlights

  • Get up to $15 cash back per person when you book with us
  • All taxes included
  • 2 hr shark cage diving experience, with 20-30 minutes in the water
  • Get up and close with sharks from a cage
  • Learn interesting facts about sharks and their behaviour
  • Use of snorkel gear
  • Warm, fresh water shower after the shark dive

What to Expect

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience with scuba diving or snorkelling to go inside the shark cage?

No! You only need to be able to climb down a short ladder and hang onto a handrail. We get many people who don’t even know how to swim!

No way! You would probably be fine, but these are big sharks with lots of teeth, so we don’t want to risk a guest getting bit.        

Yes! We don’t think this tour is appropriate for children younger than 5 years old.

The hardest part of the tour is the entry into the cage. It will be pulled close and tightly attached to the side of the boat to make stepping over the side easy. You must be strong enough to climb on the ladder and into the cage and to pull your own body weight up the ladder.

All you need in the cage is a mask and snorkel, and we provide that. If you prefer to use your own snorkelling equipment, feel free. Otherwise, please bring a towel, water, and sunscreen. Maybe a sweater or a windbreaker to keep you warm once you get out of the water. Feel free to bring your own drinks/snacks.

A little over 500 feet (152 metres).

Not really. Most people are comfortable wearing their normal bathing suits. It is a little cool at first, but you get used to it. Some people wear a rash guard, but most do not. The water temp is the same as at the beach. A sweatshirt can also be nice when you get out of the water.

The weather is nicer! The wind on the North Shore usually builds later in the day. Usually, the earlier in the day, the nicer the sea conditions.

If you are prone to motion sickness, yes, you will. During the shark encounter, the boat is drifting with the engine off. Even on the calmest days, the boat never stops rocking. If you plan on taking something like Dramamine, read the instructions. It must be taken in advance. Fortunately, if you get sick, the tour is only 2 hours, and land is an instant cure. Even those who get sick have a tremendous time.

Galapagos sharks and Sandbar sharks are our most common visitors.

No! The sharks will come very close to the cage to investigate, but they do not charge at the cage or try to bite the people inside. Human beings are not on the natural menu for these sharks, or most sharks in general.

No! We have a perfect safety record. Your biggest concern will be keeping your excited friends off your back while you are inside the cage.

No problem. We have had many people on board who were terrified. Within a few minutes of being inside the cage, you will be completely comfortable. We have seen it many times before. Seeing these magnificent creatures and how they behave will change your attitude and ease your fears forever.

The North Shore has always had a large resident group of Galapagos and sandbar sharks. So does the Westside of Oahu. This may be a lesser-known fact to visitors and even residents of Oahu as they are hardly ever seen along the coastline and beaches or even at the surface. Fishing boats are more familiar with them. Because these sharks are bottom-feeding sharks that look for crabs, crustaceans, and octopuses, they prefer the areas of the ocean where the bottom has a sandy or muddy consistency, which is found at the 150 to 200-foot depth. They also cruise to scavenge for sick, weak, or dying fish, which is why they are so important in keeping our oceans clean.

They will also check out anything that floats in the water column, such as logs and debris and, in our case, our boat and cage, as fish life in the open blue ocean will often congregate under and around such floating objects. We visit a site where the sharks naturally occur and observe them as they go about their business.

Yes, if you don’t see sharks, you don’t pay!

We provide regular masks and snorkels in small, medium, and large sizes on the boat. We do not provide wetsuits. 

We have GoPro video cameras onboard for rent with preloaded images and clips to add to your own video edit, giving it a professional finish.

Haleiwa Small Boat Harbor 66-105 Haleiwa Rd., Haleiwa (North Shore of Oahu)

Child rate applies for 5 - 12 years.

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