Half Or Full Day Kayak Hire In Babinda

Discover stunning Babinda, explore mountain streams and meet fish, turtles and platypus!

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What's Included

  • Kayak hire up to 8 hours
  • Choice of single or double kayak
  • Kayak pick-up and return to your car
  • Choice of two pick-up points
  • Safety briefing
  • Life Jacket 


  • Babinda Creek


What's excluded

Dry bags are available for hire.
Lunch. Please bring along something to eat. 

Why do we love this

We love the flexibility of this tour. With a choice between single or a double kayak, and two pickup locations, you can tailor your day of stand up paddle boarding to your tastes!


It's time to discover Australia’s wettest town, Babinda. Nestled between Queensland’s two highest mountains, this area is full of lush scenery and watery fun! Explore the permanently flowing mountain streams and enjoy the opportunity to experience the beauty of this stunning place. 

Spend the day paddling down the gently flowing waters of Babinda Creek and meet fish, turtles and platypus that call this pristine waterway home. 

Take on a couple of mini rapids along the way, stop on a secluded beach for some lunch and a swim, then float downstream to your pick-up point.  What a way to spend a day. There are also many deep swimming holes along the way, and plenty of spots to stop for lunch or a swim. Or you can just stop and explore!

Babinda Creek is the ideal spot for a day of kayaking. Because it's a permanently flowing mountain stream, the water flow provides the perfect pace for travelling downstream. If you paddle too much, you might find you arrive at your destination quicker than you'd like! It's a great chance to relax, take a leisurely paddle and soak up the nature around you. 

Whether you want to spend a full day kayaking or just half, the choice is up to you! Kayaks are available for hire for up to 4 hours for a half day or up to 8 for a full day. If hiring for a half day, you'll need to be ready to leave at 8am or 1.30pm. If you're hiring for a full day, you can leave anytime but you'll need to be ready for pick-up well before dark. 

You can also choose between a single kayak or a double kayak if you fancy completing this awesome experience with a friend.

Start your adventure at the Babinda Kayaking Hire office at the creeks edge. Enter the water then paddle downstream at your own pace. You have a choice of two pickup points, so you can decide to travel as far as you like. This is a one way trip only, paddling back to the hire location is not an option.

The first pick-up point is after about 2 hours of slow paddling and between the first two overhead bridges you come to, which are only metres apart. You’ll see a nice beach and maybe some locals swimming there. If you choose to stop here, dive in and join them!

If you do want to keep paddling, continue on to the second and final pick-up point. This stop is after about one and half hours more of paddling downstream. It's very easily found as its a free caravan/camping site. You can't miss it.

Once you arrive at either pickup location, please give Babinda Kayaks a call and let them know which pick-up point you are at. They'll come and collect you!

  • Single Kayak Hire HALF DAY
    Kayak down the gently flowing waters of Babinda Creek. A pristine, crystal clear mountain stream, teeming with fish, turtles and the Elusive Platypus.
    FromAUD $44
    ValueAUD $50SAVE 12%
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  • Double Kayak Hire HALF Day
    Kayak down the gently flowing waters of Babinda Creek. A pristine, crystal clear mountain stream, teeming with fish, turtles and the Elusive Platypus.
    FromAUD $65
    ValueAUD $70SAVE 7%
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  • Single Kayak Hire FULL Day
    Kayak down the gently flowing waters of Babinda Creek. A pristine, crystal clear mountain stream, teeming with fish, turtles and the Elusive Platypus.
    FromAUD $75
    ValueAUD $80SAVE 6%
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  • Double Kayak Hire FULL Day
    Kayak down the gently flowing waters of Babinda Creek. A pristine, crystal clear mountain stream, teeming with fish, turtles and the Elusive Platypus.
    FromAUD $115
    ValueAUD $120SAVE 4%
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Both kayaks work fine on this creek. Some families with children prefer doubles if they are unsure of their childs capabilities. Although by the time kids are 12, they seem to cope quite well on their own. A double kayak is not really reccomended for two beginners as they are much longer and heavier which means they are harder to manouvre around logs etc.

We have found single kayaks easier to learn on as you quickly see the direct result of your actions, they are also much easier to manoeuvre. If sharing a double, it’s harder to work out what you are doing is right or wrong if your partner is doing something completely different (which they usually are!) If creek levels are low, the double kayaks will also bottom out before the single kayaks as they sit deeper in the water – we will recommend single kayaks if this is the case.

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  • A hat, sunscreen and/or protective clothing against the sun.
  • Shoes which can get wet
  • Dry bags are available for hire if you wish to take personal effects and food/drink.
  • Snorkelling is also popular.
  • A bag to contain your possessions and to secure any loose items.
  • Sunglasses and lanyard to prevent you from losing them.
  • A mobile phone (if you have one)- that way you can phone us to come and pick you up when you reach the end (it’s easier than scheduling a pick-up time). We will supply you with a waterproof phone box.
  • Change of clothes – just in case you or somebody else decides you are going for a dip!
  • Something to eat for a lovely picnic on a beach along the way.
  • Please take care not to leave anything behind on your journey. A rubbish bag will be provided if needed.
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To access the kayaks, you will need to climb down stairs and walk about 300 metres along the grassed creek bank (easy walk). Climbing into the kayaks is done either directly from concrete stairs leading into the water or from a shallow sand bank if the water level is normal. If you fall in whilst kayaking, you will need to be able to climb back on (usually by finding a shallow area or by taking the kayak to the creek edge and using the bank if the creek level is high).

On arrival at your pick-up point, help with lifting the kayaks onto the trailer is needed (single kayaks weigh around 18 – 20 kg distributed to two people).

Both pick-up points have a beached area to draw the kayaks easily from the water.

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Participants are not to be affected by drugs or alcohol
  • Waiver of liability to be signed before participation
  • Prices and/or products may change without notice
  • Minimum of 2 hires per booking, can be kayak and S.U.P. or a double kayak
  • Morning Hires to ready for pick-up by 12pm
  • Hire subject to signing a liability waiver and Hire agreement form
  • At the conclusion of your tour, it will be necessary to assist in carrying your kayaks/paddleboards and loading them onto the trailer

Cancellation Policy:

  • Bookings may be changed or cancelled up to 48 hours prior to tour without penalty.
  • Bookings cancelled less than 48 hours prior to departure will forfeit 50% of the total price.
  • Bookings cancelled less than 24 hrs will forfeit the 100% of total price
  • Re-Schedule of your booking may be made at the discretion of Babinda Kayaking


FromAUD $44
ValueAUD $50SAVE 12%
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