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Akaroa - Things to do

Akaroa is a modestly-sized town in the Banks Peninsula, a gorgeous area east of Christchurch. To many Kiwis, Akaroa is an exciting weekend getaway, because the town is surrounded by bays and rolling landscapes shaped by volcanic forces. Akaroa is also known for its harbour where cruise ships dock and bring in passengers who wish to explore the beauty of Akaroa.


This quaint town has a connection with France, for it used to be a French settlement. This relationship is visible in the architecture and the culinary scene. Akaroa has several cosy French cafes and bakeries, where you can munch on pastries and freshly made baguettes. For more gastronomic undertakings, join a tour at Barrys Bay Cheese and try some of their cheese during a free tasting while exploring their factory. It’s a short drive from Akaroa town, but worth the detour!


Akaroa is an attractive destination to drop by during the entire year. Due to mild climate and high humidity, the soil around Akaroa is very fertile, and therefore the area is home to a handful of vineyards. Indulge and head out to Meniscus Wines or Takamatua Valley Vineyards for a tasting, a tour, and breathtaking panoramas of Banks Peninsula.


Visit the charming timber Akaroa Lighthouse, hike up to Stony Bay Peak, or wander through the lush native bush to Newton’s Waterfall to be submerged into more Akaroan adventures.


In Summer, Akaroa is an excellent destination for fishing fanatics. But fishing isn’t the only way to encounter marine creatures. During a 2-hour dolphin cruise in Akaroa, you’ll have high chances to see playful porpoises around the boat. Enrolling in this cruise is a fantastic way to learn more about the peninsula and the marine life in the surrounding waters. You might even spot blue penguins and fur seals!


You’ll be able to meet wonderful dolphins extremely close-up if you sign up for the swim with dolphins cruise in Akaroa Harbour. Plunge into the ocean to join Hector’s dolphins, the world’s smallest and some of the rarest dolphin species. The memory of this exceptional experience in Akaroa will last for a lifetime!