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Things to do in Bay of Islands (Paihia)

A three-hour drive or the thirty-five-minute flight north of Auckland, the bay of islands comprises 144 islands between Cape Brett and the Purerua Peninsula. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations for fishing, sailing and is also known for big-game fishing. Recognized as the birthplace of New Zealand, the region yields a unique insight into early European settlement and Maori culture.


This 16 km wide inlet is home to the spectacular beaches of Paihia, historic towns of Russell, Waitangi, the Puketi Forest in Kerikeri, Opua Port, and Haruru Falls are among the most splendid scenic attractions.

Summers in the Bay of Islands is pleasantly hot, making it the perfect time for tourists. It is accompanied by a light wind at night which is the ideal time for a beach walk. Ride the waves is the most recommended activity for summer. Autumn is the time for serene and beautiful sceneries packed with different colours. Bay of Islands is known as the 'Winterless North'. The only difference is a little more wind and rain. Winter is an excellent time to explore. Spring is the favourite time of the year for watching wildlife. Enjoy trekking and vivid flowers.


With its lush forests, unique wildlife, sandy beaches and calm waters perfect for fishing, swimming, sailing and kayaking make The Bay of Islands one of the best holiday destinations.


Discover the Waitangi treaty grounds where the Maori signed the treaty with the British. Enjoy an interactive experience through Waitangi museums, powerful Maori performances and architecture, Carved meeting house and the wolds largest war canoe. Also, enjoy picturesque views of the Bay of Islands.


Enjoy the Bay of Islands overnight cruise which starts from Paihia wharf. Try out dusk fishing and night kayaking under the gleaming milky way and paddle through natural marvel phosphorescence, also known as fairy dust, adds charm to the trip.


Escape in a day cruise for a day full of sun, sand and adventure. You can discover the islands on a series of short walks and bush trails. Enjoy 360-degree breathtaking views over the bay. You'll also spot marine wildlife like dolphins and penguins. The waters are a perfect place for snorkelling and paddling.


The Hole in the Rock dolphin cruise is the perfect opportunity to capture the marine wildlife of New Zealand. Take in stunning views as you make your way through islands and along Rakaumangamanga Peninsula to Cape Brett where a historic lighthouse keeps watch over 'The Hole in the Rock'.


Do not miss out on the epic coastal kayak tour from the Waitangi Inlet up to the base of the extraordinary Haruru Waterfall. Later you can cruise by the enchanting mangrove forest and watch incredible wildlife.


Discover the underwater world by diving off the Canterbury wreck or the Rainbow Warrior wreck and enjoy the underworld!