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Things to do in Mount Cook

Mount Cook lies in the Southern Alps and is the highest mountain in New Zealand. The mountain is full of adventure, sky-scraping peaks, glaciers, snowfields and star-studded skies. You will be awe of its mindblowing panoramic beauty. Mount Cook encompasses over 22 peaks which are 3000 meter high!


At its foot lies the village of mount cook which serves as a popular destination for tourists. It has a population of only 250. It is situated beside the scenic lake Lake Pukaki. Far from the city lights, stargazing here is magnificent.


Mount Cook national park is a must-visit. It is home to many unique bird species. The Kea is only spotted in the Southern Alps.


Hop on a scenic flight and fly over the stunning Southern Alps. Flyover the breathtaking blue glacier lake, Tasman Terminal Lake, Grand Plateau, and Plateau Hut. Capture the Hochstetter Icefall and enjoy the thrilling alpine landing. You can also take a ski plane or a helicopter.


For adventure, try out the Tasman Glacier Heli Hike and explore fantastic ice formations. You can also try snowshoeing. Finish your trip with a scenic flight.