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Love Taupo

Taupo is located on the shore of Lake Taupo and has a population of over 23K. Lake Taupo is the largest freshwater lake which is about the size of Singapore. It is the crater to one of the most massive volcanic eruption. Taupo is world-famous for its fishing. The majestic Huka falls is the most visited natural attraction in New Zealand.


Taupo is also home to New Zealand's two of the top ten golf courses. The region's lakes are packed with water sports during summer. Mount Ruapehu is New Zealand's largest skiing area and is also an active volcano. Autumn is the season of fishing and golfing. Spring brings with it sprouting leaves and blossoming flowers and is the best time for hiking.


Graffito is Taupo's street art festival. Till date, 125 murals are created, making Taupo New Zealand's street art capital.


These murals have become a tourist attraction and are amazingly diverse from Maori art to wildlife and caricatures. The famous IRONMAN triathlon is held in Taupo. The race features a swim across the largest freshwater lake, a bike course through New Zealand's beautiful landscape and is finished off with a run lined with local support.


For decades tourists have come from throughout the world to enjoy trout fishing in Taupo. Due to its clean water and abundant sources of food, lake Taupo produces well-conditioned fishes. There is excellent fishing in all seasons. You can enjoy dry fly fishing during summers and lake trolling throughout the year. Lake Taupo contains large numbers of brown and rainbow trout averaging around 1.4kg. Fishes as big as 7kg are caught every year.


The Waikato River, New Zealand's most massive river bursts into the Huka Falls. A pedestrian bridge is provided for a close view. You can try jet boating along the Huka falls which includes 360-degree spins at high speeds added with the beautiful sight of Huka falls from its base.


Explore Tongariro river on a half-day rafting adventure. A 2.5 hour trip with over 60 grade 3 rapids along with the magnificent canyon scenery and its wildlife. It is sure to pump up your adrenaline.


The Mine bay on Lake Taupo is famous for its Maori rock carvings. These carvings are about 14 metres high-one of the largest in the world and are accessible only by boat. The eco-friendly yacht Sail Barbary helps to experience the Maori culture. You can also explore the rock carving on a kayak with Taupo Kayaking Adventures.


The Tongariro alpine crossing is considered as one of the most fabulous day walks, where you can trek amid volcanic landscapes, emerald-hued lakes, steam vents, an active crater and stunning views along the way.
Taupo is also full of adventures. You can enjoy the 47 meters high Taupo Bungy jump along the Waikato river added with a water touch for extra excitement. You can also enjoy skydiving in Taupo amidst the lovely views and snow-capped mountains Taupo has to offer!