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Exmouth - Things to do

Exmouth itself is a little town in Western Australia, 1250 kilometres north of the state’s capital Perth. Although Exmouth borders the Indian Ocean, this quaint community has a desert climate with minimal rainfall and hot weather. 


The town isn’t the main attraction, but its true secrets hide under the surface of the Ningaloo Marine Park. This 2500 square kilometre underwater reserve receives a few very special guests that forage here: manta rays, turtles, dolphins, whale sharks, humpback, and whales.  


From June to November, majestic humpback whales scour Exmouth, and you’ll have a chance to swim and snorkel with them. Jump on board of a catamaran and see these gentle giants floating around casually just off the coast near Exmouth!


Ningaloo Marine Park in Exmouth has another distinct visitor that’s loved by every nature lover. The largest fish in the world resides in this region from March to July, and you can see them up-close and personal if you book a powerboat tour. This adventure brings you close to this marvellous species, and eventually, you can snorkel right beside them. Along the way, you can even observe coral gardens, rays, and turtles! 


An alternative to this journey is the Whale Shark Adventure Tour, which shows you the Ningaloo Reef in a bit slower pace.


In July, the whale shark and humpback whale are seen in this area. You’ll have a chance of encountering both of these massive creatures through an eco-tour on a catamaran. A fun addition to this tour is a stand-up paddleboard trip or an excursion in a translucent kayak!


Stunning nature and landscapes around Exmouth aren’t exclusively seen near the Ningaloo Marine Park. Nearby Cape Range National Park is worth exploring, for it has magnificent cliffs, beaches and termite mounds.


The most nearby touristic place is Broome, a town where you can delve into Cape Leveque and the Kimberley Coast, and stunning seascapes. From Broome, you can consider onward travelling to Darwin. Book in for an unbelievable 9-day adventure through the outback of Western Australia and the Northern Territory and extend your Aussie travels even longer