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Best Things To Do In Mexico

Known and loved for its incredible food, beautiful scenery and rich and diverse culture, Latin America's third-largest country, Mexico, should be on everyone’s travel bucket list! 


Undoubtedly one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations, Mexico is also adored for its history, traditions and the warmth of its people, but its bounty of beautiful beaches are also worth checking out. 


Famous for being Cabo’s best spots for swimming and snorkeling, Santa María and Chileno Bays are postcard-perfect destinations worth checking out.


On this all-inclusive Snorkel Tour, let local guides take you to the best well kept secret spots at these two, beautiful bays and make the most of this unique adventure at two of the safest swimming bays in Cabo!


Alternatively, enjoy another once-in-a-lifetime opportunity viewing sub-tropical fish and marine life in their natural habitat on a Glass Bottom Kayak and Snorkel at the Arch of Cabo San Lucas.


One of the most famous Baja Peninsula landmarks, the Arch of Cabbo San Lucas sits at the peninsula's southernmost tip, towering three storeys tall above the celestial emerald waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. 


Hit the water in your glass-bottom, two-person kayak, paddling along the rocky coast toward the Arch, passing Pelican Rock and enjoying incredible views through the glass-bottom of the kayak before donning your snorkel gear and diving into the azure waters for a refreshing swim with the diverse marine life.


For a change of pace, there’s also this Isla Mujeres Luxury Catamaran Day Trip which is a family favourite for those visiting Mexico. 


Luxury and adventure await on this 45-foot catamaran as you sail over the stunning Caribbean Sea. Have a drink in the open bar, before diving in for a snorkel in the second largest coral reef in the world. Then, discover the charming village of Isla Mujeres and learn about its history while being enthralled by its calm, easygoing atmosphere. 


Back on dry land, our popular Margaritas ATV Desert and Beach Tour gives you the chance to explore Los Cabos’ beaches, desert landscapes, sand dunes, mountains and gorgeous views of the Pacific Oceanbefore taking you through the Baja Desert. Plus,  this is a guided tour, so no experience is required to partake!


Or, if you’re hungry for something less intense, why not try a Mexican Food Tour? With food such a huge part of Mexican culture, take this opportunity to learn more about it on an immersive culinary experience. Learn where to find the best tacos on a day tour of Cancun downtown or learn how to make traditional Mexican dishes in a cooking class!


Home to a rich and diverse cultural history, incredible food, beautiful natural scenery and so much more,discover Mexico's contemporary and bustling cities, ancient ruins and pyramids, remote villages and everything in between.


Oh, and the best part? You can book any of these tours and experiences through us - NOW!


FAQs - About Mexico Tours and Activities


What is the cheapest month to visit Mexico?

Mexico’s “low” season is from the day after Easter to mid-December, when prices may drop up to 50%. In beach destinations popular with travelers, prices generally revert to high season during July and August, the traditional national summer vacation period.


When should I avoid Mexico?

It’s best to reconsider your travel to Mexico during Hurricane Season, which generally takes place between June and November, with a higher likelihood of storms from August to October. Fortunately, though, hurricanes are rare.


Cancun or Cabo: Which is more expensive?

After taking a look at the typical travel costs associated with flights, accommodation, experiences etc. in both Cancun and Cabo, our travel experts found that when comparing the travel costs between Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, the two cities are actually relatively comparable in price, with Cancun being just slightly pricier. Basically, you could travel with the same travel style and level of luxury in each place for pretty much the same price.


Do you recommend buying travel insurance?

We strongly advise every customer to take out travel insurance. It is your own responsibility to purchase travel insurance to ensure that you are covered for any liability incurred to us or our suppliers. As well as, possible travel-related accidents you wished to be insured for.