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Perth - Things to do

Perth is without competition the largest city in Western Australia and has over 2 million people, making it the 4th most populated in Australia. Things to see and do in Perth include the Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Yagan Square, and Rottnest Island with the fluffy quokka as the most iconic inhabitants. 


Not only is Perth one of the most isolated cities on the planet, but it is also one of the sunniest! Annually, Perth receives 9 hours of sun per day on average, which makes the city the most sunny state capital in Australia.


With such sunlit conditions, it makes perfect sense to seek the outdoors during your time in Perth. One of the fun things to do in Perth is a surfing course. Head for Perth’s long-stretched beaches, join a 1.5-hour lesson, and hit the waves of the Indian Ocean! After this, you get 1 additional hour of free gear rental, which enables you to improve your wave-riding skills even more. 


To discover Perth in a more relaxing manner, you can book the Swan River Kayak Tour. Paddle through the wetlands on the edge of the city, and observe the local wildlife in a tranquil pace. A more significant contrast with the buzzing city centre isn’t imaginable!


Look down on nearby York and the enclosing nature reserves from high in the sky during a tandem skydive from a height of 15,000 feet. This thrilling adventure will linger in your mind for a lifetime!


Roughly 200 kilometres north of Perth, a magical area begs to be discovered. The Pinnacles Desert is covered with numerous standing limestone pillars that together create a surreal landscape. Book the Pinnacles Sunset and Wildlife tour to see the colours of this area drastically change at sunset, watch the kangaroos jump around, and enjoy a picnic in the desert. 


Combine the enchanting Pinnacles with an exciting sandboarding session through a complete tour of the region north of Perth. 


To experience the southwest of Australia to the fullest, join the 6-day Secrets of Esperance tour. This remarkable journey takes you to stunning places like the Stirling Ranges, Wave Rock, and Ngilgi Cave.