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Port Lincoln - Things to do

Port Lincoln is the self-proclaimed seafood capital of Australia, and even the major activities in this coastal town revolve around marine creatures. Game fishing, scuba diving and encounters with wild sea animals are what most travellers come here for. 


Port Lincoln is situated on the shore that borders the Great Australian Bight. This town in the state of South Australia lies on the Eyre Peninsula and has over 16,000 residents. Port Lincoln is quite a bit colder than many Australian areas. From November to March, the temperatures are generally pleasant, but from May to September it can be very chilly at times.


The most exhilarating thing to do in Port Lincoln is shark cage diving with great white sharks, Australia’s largest and most feared shark. You’ll dive under the sea surface at Neptune Island, and see this majestic creature floating by. Along the way, you might even bump into pods of dolphins. This trip is a nature lovers’ dream!


Seal Cove is yet another enticing spot in the region. Here, you’ll be able to meet up with Australian sea lions, a rare species that are protected. Snorkelling near their colony and swimming alongside these playful creatures is an experience you’ll most likely never forget.


Adelaide is either a starting point for a trip to Port Lincoln or a logical next stop for most travellers. The capital of South Australia is a fun destination with excellent architecture and a wine region in its backyard. Find more about the wine culture in the area through a full-day wine tour of the well-known Barossa Valley, which includes no less than five wine tastings and a panoramic in-between stop at Mengler’s Hill Lookout.


The Adelaide Hills and Hahndorf Hideaway winery tour is another way to delve into South Australia’s wine cultivation, and you can feast on locally produced delicacies along the way.


Adelaide is also the venture point for tours in the south of Australia. From the state’s capital, you can book a 6-day trip to Uluru or a journey along the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians National Park.

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