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Rainbow Beach - Things to do

Rainbow Beach can easily be overlooked, but it’s worth stopping by this small town on the Coral Sea coast. Rainbow Beach has only 1250 residents, but this place is loved for its beaches and other natural features. Rainbow Beach is also one of the major gateways to the fabled Fraser Island.


Rainbow Beach is located in the state of Queensland and has a subtropical climate. Therefore, it rarely gets cold in Rainbow Beach. Summer - November to February - is the most pleasant time in town, as temperatures generally balance at 25 degrees.


Rainbow Beach has some formidable spots to visit, including the alien-lake dunes at Carlo Sand Blow, Phil Rogers Park, and the namesake shoreline Rainbow Beach near the downtown area. 


A laidback way to get to know Rainbow Beach is a surf lesson combined with a 13-kilometre beach drive in a 4WD vehicle. During this trip, you’ll get an introduction to the magnificent dunes in this area and one of the favourite sports of Aussies: surfing!


You can continue your journey on the water if you book a kayak adventure with dolphins. After a 4WD through Great Sandy National Park, you’ll have a chance to paddle amongst the incredibly smart dolphins and other marine animals, such as turtles and manta rays. 


Many visitors who come to Rainbow Beach continue their journey to Fraser Island, or simply do a tour around the world’s largest sand island. One of the marvellous expeditions here is the 3-day wilderness camping trip of Fraser Island. Nothing is better than putting up your tent near the beach, see the fabulous attractions on Fraser Island, and live like a castaway for a few days! 


On Fraser Island, there are heaps of activities for you to enjoy. If you’re on a tight schedule, a full-day tour of Fraser Island is an excellent opportunity to soak up highlights such as Lake Mckenzie and the Maheno Shipwreck. Book the Fraser Island 3-day escape camping tour if you have more time!


Another exhilarating experience around Fraser Island is a whale-watching encounter, which brings you face to face with the gigantic humpback whale!

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