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Swimming with Sharks

Your bucket list awaits.

Experience the down under like no other by jumping on a thrilling shark diving experience! There’s really nothing like getting face-to-face with the most feared underwater predators in the open water by diving into the ultimate shark cage dive. Australia has the largest population of great white sharks in the world and you get to watch them in their natural habitat by getting up close and personal (okay perhaps not TOO close!). Get on and tick this unique experience off your bucket list- if you dare!


Is Shark Diving Safe?

The thrill of getting underwater with sharks sits atop the bucket list of adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers alike. But to enter the water with the mighty predator awaits can be dangerous and you may ask: how safe is shark diving? Shark cage diving has its risks but is generally very safe as it creates a barrier between you and the sharks and the experience will be guided by experts. This shark cage diving experience in Port Lincoln uses an audio sound vibration instead of chum or berley to attract sharks. This way the sharks are protected as well as this eco-friendly system ensures the sharks’ natural environment is unharmed. If you’re seeking a safer option but still getting the thrill, you can go for an aquarium shark dive at the Cairns Aquarium. This way, you can dive within a controlled environment and not having to stress about venturing out into open waters!