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Things to do in Christchurch

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand and is located in the Canterbury region. With a population of over 300K, it is the second-most populous city after Auckland. It has been a departure place for the Antarctic.


Christchurch is also known as 'Garden City' because of its beautiful gardens, parks and tree-lined streets.christchurch is surrounded by mountains, canterbury plains, stunning coastline and the Port Hills.
Christchurch is in full swing during the summers with beaches packed with people, several activities and various wine and beer festivals.


Autumn is the best time for outdoor activities. You can go biking or hiking and take in the views of this beautiful city. It is the busiest seasons of the year.


During winters one can see the majestic Southern Alps clad in snow this is commonly known as the 'Ocean to Alps' view. You can enjoy skiing sports and whale watching during this season.


Spring is exciting and full of life. Flowers bloom making the city vibrant. The city is calm and is the best time to explore the wilderness.


Mt.Hutt located in the southern alps has about 365 skiable hectares. It is a place for both beginners and experts. For an extra thrill, check out the black diamond runs on the south face of the mountain.


Christchurch is also known for its bike trails like Flying Nun and Anaconda. Enjoy the dramatic view of the southern alps and the pacific ocean as you trail through the mountain.


You need not travel to Antarctica to experience its serene nature. Christchurch offers the international Antarctic centre with various fun activities and an experience like the Antarctic.