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Great Ocean Road - Things to do

Breathtaking natural landscape at every corner.

It rarely happens that a road is listed as national heritage, but the Great Ocean Road has received this status. The Great Ocean Road is a 243-kilometre part of a scenic highway in the Australian state of Victoria. Big chunks of the Great Ocean Road are located right next to the Bass Strait, the narrow waterway between Victoria and Tasmania.


The Great Ocean Road is favoured by travellers for the epic landscapes along the way. Limestone rock arches, charming towns, and beautiful rainforests all come your way when travelling down this legendary route. 


The most famous attraction along this route is Twelve Apostles, where towering cliffs rise up directly from the ocean. But the viewing platforms at Loch Ard Gorge, the thundering Hopkins Falls, and the beaches of Torquay attract a significant audience as well. 


A great way to delve into this enchanting part of Australia is through a 3-day tour Great Ocean Road, which also incorporates a visit to Grampians National Park. Here, you can hike through thick forests and see ancient sandstone mountains, and learn more about the flora and fauna of this region. If you lack time, a Great Ocean Road day tour is an outstanding alternative to still see the beauty of the Great Ocean Road.


The brilliance of the Great Ocean Road is clearly visible when driving the road itself, but a skydive here might be life-changing. You’ll be dropped above this famous coastline from 15,000 feet, and a hair-raising 60-second freefall is included!


The south coast holds more treasures than the Great Ocean Road alone. Phillip Island, 150 kilometres south of Victoria’s capital Melbourne, is an exceptional destination as well. You can combine both iconic areas on Victoria’s coast via a Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island tour.


Most travellers venture for the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne, the capital of Victoria. This metropolis is lively and has tons of activities for travellers. Propose a toast with your mates in IceBar Melbourne, sample some local grape booze during the Yarra Valley wine tour, or check out the street art of the Melbourne Laneways.

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