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Tasmania - Things to do

Tasmania is the only Australian state that’s disconnected from the mainland. Measuring 68,000 square kilometres (roughly the size of Ireland) and having only 537,000 inhabitants, Tasmania is a world on its own. The 26th largest island in the world is mainly famous for the Tasmanian devil, a predator that’s commonly found on the island. 

Tasmania has four distinct seasons, due to its location far south. Summers are quite cool, but pleasant for hiking and beach-hopping. The winter can be chilly at times, but this shouldn’t hold you back from touring this magical island!

Tasmania is known for its dramatic landscapes, from the stunning mountain lakes in Southwest National Park to the scenic coastline of Arthur-Pieman Conservation Area. 

Hobart is the largest city in Tasmania and an ideal starting point for trips over the island. If you want a complete Tasmanian experience and see as many highlights as possible, you can join a 5-day tour of Tasmania that starts from Hobart. Waterfalls, breathtaking alpine scenery, rainforests, and the legendary Wineglass Bay: the very best of Tasmania is included!

Wineglass Bay is one of the favoured locations amongst backpackers, for it has an incredible beach encircled by green hills. Have a more thorough visit of this beautiful area through a day tour, and discover the heart-stopping look-out points or plunge into the Tasman Sea.  

Port Arthur proves that Tasmania isn’t exclusively about natural features. This historic town 100 kilometres southeast of Hobart used to be penal colony within the British empire, and the ruins of the prison buildings are still visible. Expand your knowledge of Tasmania’s history and hear prison stories that give you chills when you get on a day tour to Port Arthur

Tasmania is a playground for adventurous travellers. You can go for a Cradle Mountain Overland Track 6 Days Tour, or meet Tasmania’s marine mammals and seabirds during a cruise from Port Arthur. The latter is also a rare opportunity to witness Cape Pillar, where gigantic rock towers rise up directly from the sea bottom.

Despite being a relatively small state in Australia, Tasmania truly combines all components the country is praised for.

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