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Best Things to Do in Hawaii

Your guide to the most incredible Hawaiian experiences

Only in Hawaii

Immerse yourself in the spiritual beauty of the hula, one of the many traditional dances of the Pacific, but distinctively Hawaiian. The story-telling dance of the Hawaiian Islands connects dancers and audiences to the foundation of Hawaiian ancestral knowledge and animates the tale of those who came before. It is worthwhile to note that hula dancers train for years before performing in public, so if you’re lucky to come upon a hula performance as part of a ceremony, remember to enjoy it respectfully.


The traditional Hawaiian luau is a renowned festive feast that brings together elements of Hawaiian and Polynesian tradition. It features authentic Hawaiian food cooked in a covered earth pit and entertainment such as traditional Hawaiian music and hula. Luau can be enjoyed at various destinations across the island but book early to avoid disappointment because they sell out really fast!


Beautiful Beaches

Hawaii is world renowned for its postcard perfect beaches and is best experienced by hitting different shorelines to make that sun-filled trip memorable. The beaches come in different sizes and colors: from sand ranges from red to green and white to black, it is a paradise for all the beachgoers. Soak up the sun and surf the gentle waves of the famous Waikiki Beach or jump on an adventure visiting the remote Papakolea Beach that is famous for its emerald green sand. Some other unique beaches include the Kaihalulu Bay (red sand beach) at Maui and the famous Pohoiki Black Sand Beach.


Outdoor Activities

Hawaii is more than just beautiful beaches. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or searching for a more relaxing outdoor activity, there’s never a dull moment in the Hawaiian Islands. Enjoy a popular hiking trail accompanied by a spectacular coastal view at the Diamond Head Crater, one of the most iconic features in Honolulu. Alternatively, take a moment to take in the breathtaking view of a mixture of rugged green mountains, jaw dropping ocean view and cascading waterfalls on foot at the Na Pali Coast, located on the North Shore of Kauai. You can also explore all of the must-sees of the Big Island on a guided tour that includes exploring active volcanoes and the iconic Big Island waterfall- Rainbow Falls!


For all the marine lovers out there, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance of going on a scuba diving or snorkelling session when you’re in Hawaii! Oahu is famous for its crystalline cove and calm waters on all sides of the island. Snorkel with manta rays, explore a plethora of marine life and spot the state fish of Hawaii, the humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa. Feeling adventurous? Jump on an exhilarating cage diving experience with sharks and learn about the importance of protecting these beautiful creatures!


Active Volcanoes

Hawaii is home to five active volcanoes with four located on Hawaii Island and the fifth located on Maui. The most popular place to come face-to-face with an active volcano is the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Experience nature’s awe-inspiring creation by going on hiking trails through volcanic craters, lush rainforests and scorched desert. You can join a fully guided tour for a truly unforgettable volcano adventure, which you’ll get to watch the hot glow of lava light up the sky.


Best Time to Visit

The perennial warm and pleasant temperatures make Hawaii a good destination to travel to all year round. However, the best time to visit falls between March and September, when it sees the least rain and generally a higher temperature. If you are looking to avoid huge crowds, note that the holiday season in December would usually attract a huge influx of people from the US mainland seeking a reprieve from the cold weather