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Things to Do in Maui

Best things to do in Maui for that dream holiday

Drive the Road to Hana

Drive through Maui’s scenic seaside cliff and explore waterfalls, lush rainforests and swim in waterfall pools. This 65-mile route involves treacherous turns, one-lane bridges and blind spots so you’re set for an adventurous time! Stop by Wai’anapanapa State Park and get ready to awed as you take a walk at the beautiful Black Sand Beach.


Beautiful Beaches

Escape from the crowd and see Maui from the ocean. Maui boasts 30 miles of incredible beaches and has some of the best beaches in the world to swim, kayak, snorkel and sunbathe. Swim with turtles, get up close and personal with an array of marine life and explore the colorful reefs of the island. Enjoy a relaxing day at Makena Beach, one of the largest and most popular white sand beaches on the Maui island. Go snorkelling at the renowned Puu Kekaa, aka Black Rock at the Kaanapali Beach and watch the daily cliff diving ceremony at sunset that has been a tradition since 1963.


Whale Watching

The peak humpback whale season falls between January and March in Hawaii. Take a boat tour out to the ocean and watch as these majestic creatures play and nurture their young calves in their natural habitat. Places such as Lahaina, Ma’alaea and Honolua are among the best places in Maui for whale watching. 


Family Activities in Maui

Surfing is extremely popular and accessible in Maui. Pick up a surf lesson when you’re here and learn the state’s official sport from friendly instructors. There’s no doubt that the island is an excellent spot to learn how to surf as it offers amazing surfing spots for both beginners and the experts. 


The Maui Ocean Centre is popular among families and friends as it is also known as The Aquarium of Hawaii. Immerse yourself in the wonder of the Hawaii marine life and learn about the beautiful relationship between the Hawaiian and the sea. This aquarium also offers the world’s first virtual experience with humpback whales.