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Best Things to Do in Boston

Don’t miss out on exploring these places when you’re in Boston!

Stroll along the Freedom Trail

Retrace history steps to learn about local history and culture on the Historic Freedom Trail. The 2.5 mile trail starts at the Boston Common, the oldest park in the United States and directs tourists around the city to 16 historical sites. We love this trail because it coincides with downtown Boston where you’ll see an interesting combination of revolutionary sites in a modern setting. If you’re short of time, we recommend you to plot some points of interest before you begin your journey. Destinations that are not to be missed include Faneuil Hall Marketplace, the Paul Revere House, Old North Church and Copp’s Hill Burial Ground.


Chow down a lobster roll

Let’s be real, not having a lobster roll when you’re in Boston is pretty much the same as saying not having sushi when you’re in Japan. Bostonians are proud of their lobsters! These shellfishes are caught right offshore and they’re then given a touch of magic by local chefs to transform into a delicious local delicacy. Traditionally served on a warm hot dog bun and a touch of mayonnaise, a bite into a lobster roll ensures an explosion of flavour, freshness and culture.


Watch a baseball game at Fenway Park

Opened in 1912, Fenway Park is one of the last remaining baseball parks built during the golden era of the sport. The baseball park is home to the Boston Red Sox, the famous professional baseball team that has made its name out there by winning the world series. Regardless of whether you’re a Red Sox or baseball fan, catching a game and admiring the park’s architecture will not disappoint.  You can also take a one-hour guided tour of the facility, which many visitors find it informative and interesting. Baseball season falls between April to early October, so if you plan on watching a game, remember to book your tickets at least a few weeks in advance!


Visit the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

If you only have time to fit in one museum in your Boston itinerary, make it this one. Set within a Venetian-style palazzo, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum holds a vast collection of arts collected by its founder and has an elegant courtyard that blooms all year round. Stewart Gardner herself delicately arranged her impressive collection of Italian art. Expect to see masterpieces by Italian masters such as Raphael and Titian and an array of beautiful furniture, sculptures, books and manuscripts as well as decorative art from Europe. Tips: visit the museum for free on your birthday or if your first name is Isabella!


Visit Cambridge, the home of Harvard and MIT

Not many of us are blessed with the opportunity to study in world-class universities like Harvard and MIT but hey, at least we can pose in front of iconic buildings of these universities and brag to our friends back home! Cambridge sits about 3 miles northwest of Boston and features an impressive group of cultural institutions that feature a wide array of art collections. Visit the Harvard Art Museum to view paintings from masters like Picasso and Georgia O’Keeffe or head to the MIT Museum of Peabody Museum of Archaeology to learn about world history. You can also take a tour around Harvard University to learn about the history and architecture of the Harvard campus. Be sure to head down to Harvard Square, Cambridge’s bustling city centre and discover quirky shops, restaurants and the country’s longest running poetry bookstore.


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